Sage Pay: A message from the MD


A message from Managing Director, Simon Black


Tonight Sage Pay suffered service disruption shortly after 6pm for approximately four hours. During this time, many customers were not able to process transactions.

The issue is identified as fully resolved and was not related to our new system infrastructure. Up until 6pm we processed record volumes of transactions successfully and I can confirm that our processing systems are now fully operational.

The root cause

The duration of the issue was due to a number of system diagnostics being carried out to pinpoint the root cause, which we have identified as an obscure problem relating to a background job that was running at the time. This in itself should not have caused an issue, however an existing, but unknown, hardware flaw was triggered and our back-up systems failed.

I deeply regret the impact that we've had on your business, at what is the worst possible time for our systems to fail.

My team and I are entirely focused on supporting your business. We remain completely available, should you wish to contact us and you can get in touch with me personally on

Kind regards,

Simon Black, MD


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