Hydrant Time Bank Agreement

What is a time bank agreement?

The timebank (or call off) agreement allows you to buy a volume of our time, in advance, with a single one off invoice (much like a pre-pay phone), which you then use up as and when required.

This enables you to request small ad hoc estimates and work requests, with a fast turnaround time, and no paperwork or administration. Because an allowance for time bank requests is built into all of our team schedules, we’re able to respond much faster to requests paid-for using your time bank.

Patching your system to keep it secure, and responding to your support tickets, as well as requests raised by you, are all covered.

Unlike individual projects, timebank tasks are tracked to the nearest 15 minutes, saving you time, providing complete transparency, and ensuring best value for money.

Time can be spent on anything you like:

- When we patch your website's CMS installation

- When you log a support ticket

- When we resolve a support ticket

- Asking us to review your Google Analytics data and make suggestions

- Us providing you with some SEO consultancy

- Basic amendments and updates, even small projects

We can send you a statement of what remains in your timebank monthly, or by request.

It’s your time, so we will include you in all decisions as to how it should be spent.

Once the time is used up, we will ask you to purchase another bank of time, which we can help size accordingly.

How much is it?

Timebanks can be purchased in blocks of 10 hours at a rate of £80 per hour.


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